9th North American Duck Sympsium

Feb. 5-9, 2024 • Portland, OR

Proposal Submission

The Science Committee invites proposals for mini-symposium or workshops that could be offered during the conference.

Proposals should include:

  1. Title
  2. Who is(are) the point people who will organize the session if accepted
  3. A paragraph that explains the value of what you propose
  4. A suggested format for how your proposed endeavor would be structured (e.g., “a series of 12, 5-minute lightning talks” or “a set of 5-10 20-minute presentations” or (3 half hour presentations followed by a panel discussion). The specific details would be something that is negotiated with the Science Committee, but we’d like to read your vision for how it would be structured.
  5. If you have a preliminary set of talk titles and authors for your proposed symposium, feel free to include that information, but those details will not be required for proposals to be considered, at least initially.

Proposals are due by March 31.

Send proposals as an attachment to an email to [email protected]

Site photos courtesy of @RThorstrom